The tweet has enjoyed immediate success in the network, surpassing the 800 and 2,000 retweets like.

controversy – Ribery if it is taken with “haters, envious and pseudo-journalists”, who directed heavy insults: “You were born from a hole in the condom, you go for c ***”, reserving insults for mothers, wives and grandmothers of those who criticized him. Bayern justifies but does not accept the reaction of Ribery.

The sports director Salihamidzic then announced the measures it will take the club: “Franck was insulted in a hideous – he said -. And not only him, they insulted his pregnant wife, his children and his mother is in the hospital. That’s why he reacted badly, wanted to defend the family. And this is right, and I support him. Unfortunately, he used words that we can not accept as Bayern. I announced that receive a hefty fine.

He accepted our decision. ” The company also reports that Ribery was invited and did not pay from their own pockets dinner. Ribery and thread gold-plated Salt Bae in Dubai: 1200 Euros! previous – The French, however, is not new to big controversy. In mid-November, after the game lost by Bayern Monaco against Borussia Dortmund, he assaulted a reporter his Bein Sports countryman who had attributed the blame for two of the three goals scored by gialloneri, hitting him with a punch in the face.

The Ribery last year threw the shirt against Ancelotti when he was substituted during Bayern-Anderlecht. Previous similar in April 2016: Ribery was substituted against Dortmund, she grew nervous, Ancelotti tried to calm him with a kiss on the forehead but the Frenchman was too nervous to “forgive” Carletto. Also in 2016 he puts his hands in the face of Nikolai Muller dell’Amburgo from which he had been fouled.

In the German Supercup 2016 Passlack struck with an elbow in the face. In the final of the German Cup a few months earlier he had put the finger in the eye of Castro. On several occasions he was also sent off in the Bundesliga for real frustration fouls (the famous one in Farfan Schalke at the time).

In short, the years pass, but with Ribery the controversy never fail. Elmar Bergonzini  @ elmarbergo

January 30, 2019 – Milan Aurelio De Laurentiis, president of Napoli, 69 years. EPA On the field, players of Frosinone reply had already given, with 4-0 at Bologna on Sunday. Fans of ciociara team, however, have expected the first slide of Naples to take their revenge on Aurelio De Laurentiis.

The President of Campania, in an interview published in The New York Times on January 21, had said: “If clubs like Frosinone can not compete, if they finish last, should pay a fine. They should not receive money for failure.

Promotions and demotions are the biggest idiot in football. “After the defeat of Napoli against AC Milan and subsequent elimination from the Italian Cup, the Twitter account Frosinone Calcio OFC, run by fans, he replied:” from now there is a team that it is out of the league, out of the Champions league and out of the Italian Cup. If you can not compete, they should make him pay a fine. “The tweet has enjoyed immediate success in the network, surpassing the 800 and 2,000 retweets like. Hence c? Is a team that is out of the #Scudetto, out and out #Champions #CoppaItalia. If they can not compete, they should make him pay a fine. – Frosinone Calcio OFC (@Frosinone_OFC) January 29, 2019 tHE JOURNAL VIDEO TV Gasport © reproduction reserved write your comment 0      

February 26, 2018 – Milan waiting to leave Wednesday for the penultimate stage of the 1xbet code World Cup before the finals, Sofia Goggia is home to Bergamo, and is preparing physically. So he had time to pull out an old questionnaire filled out when he was not yet 10 years – was on October 2, 2002 – with clear written what he wanted to be great. “What I wrote when I was not yet made …? Ten years,” he wrote, and under the heading “The dream of my competitive career”: “Winning the Olympics downhill.” A dream come true last week in PyeongChang for the 25 year old from Bergamo, which saw it rise also contacts the company is at an altitude of 16,000 followers on Twitter, 111,153 on Facebook, 160,000 on Instagram. And then, under the heading, “if I do not reach the goals I have proposed, in which continuously able to accept me as a person,” he stressed three times: “complete acceptance.” Gasport

July 8, 2015 – Milan Andrea Toniato ago the Italian record of 50 breaststroke with 27 “06. It happened in the seventh battery in Gwangju (South Korea), home of the World University Games 2015. The previous record was Fabio Scozzoli, the 27” 17 of 27 July 2011 in Shanghai, where the Romagna picked up the second largest silver.

The 24 year old from Padua with this trial confirms the progress, which last year brought him to the podium in Berlin at the European (5th just 5 cents from bronze), but above qualifies for the World Cup in Kazan, proposing itself as an absolute protagonist (that of this morning is the third largest long season, behind only Peaty and Van der Burgh, respectively 26 “88 and 27” 01). Vince then the semifinals with a time of 27 ’35 final, tomorrow at 13:45, live on TV on Eurosport.

Toniato the European Championships in Budapest 2010. lapresse of the Universiade – Toniato records also demolished the previous record of the Universiade, 27 “14 made by US actor Kevin Swander in Belgrade during the 2009 edition, however, facilitated by a rubber costume. Toniato it trained at the Federal Center of Verona by the federal coach Tamas Gyertyannfy, head coach of the expedition in Korea, which was also the historic coach Scozzoli at the time of the previous record achievement. unleashed CODIA – Big time even Piero Codia, already bronze in 50 (23 “48) Sunday in the semifinals of the 100 butterfly, winning with 51” 75 reducing staff, approaching Matteo Italian record (51 “64) Uprising 2013. in addition to fastest time of the final, tomorrow at 12:27 Italian time, even third world time trial of 2015. even Arianna Barbieri wins the semi-finals of the 50m backstroke with a time of 28 “55, and Christopher Ciccarese, silver in the 100 back, that of 200; finals tomorrow from 12:45 Italian. belotti and Di liddo a medal – Marco Belotti wins the bronze medal in the premier race, the 100 freestyle, with 49 “43, behind the American silver Conger (49” 02) and Brazilian gold De Souza (48 “98 ). Beautiful silver Elena Di Liddo in the 100 butterfly woman with 58 “29 behind the Chinese Ying Lu (57” 83). Gasport

October 7, 2018 – Milan Everything could be expected from the challenge of this night for the title of UFC Light weight but it ended without knowing for sure who is the champion. Octagon win was the holder, Khabib “the eagle” Nurmagomedov, that 3 minutes and 3 seconds of the fourth round forced Connor McGregor, a superstar even outside the world of MMA, to declare the yield due to a neck crank, which is one of the neck crushing.

A senior technical match, strongly in favor of Nurmagomedov who confirmed his extraordinary technical skills in the fight but that he has turned into what is probably today the saddest page of the sport. When the referee Herb Dean stopped the match the Russian has in fact in principle laid down resistance to being separated by the Irishman. Then it was pushed away as he was railing against McGregor.

A bad behavior, but at least partially excusable with anxiety for this cumulative match for years. Unfortunately, the Russian has not stopped them and upsetting everyone present and the audience watching television around the world, has jumped into the crowd attacking some members of Mc Gregor team. Meanwhile, in the Octagon, his second hit behind McGregor.

Title brawl – To block the situation is due to the police action present at T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The Irishman was escorted out while an embarrassed Dana White, president of UFC, has worked hard to convince Nurmagomedov to leave for reasons of public policy the structure without wear, as claimed, the championship belt. The verdict for the first time in history, has been proclaimed so no athletes present.

Police in Las Vegas later arrested three members of the entourage of the athlete Dagestani that have been released, however, as McGregor refused to complain. Now, on paper, Nurmagomedov remains the champion, but now White in post-event press conference stated that, in the case of long disqualification, the title will be revoked.

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