Most Popular Questions


How can I sign up for Insight Securities (Pvt.) Ltd?

You can download our Account Opening Form from our website Our forms are also available at Insight Securities (Pvt.) Ltd Office.

How long does it take to activate/open an account?

It depends on how quickly information is sent in. The registration process usually takes: 4 – 6 working days.

How can I deposit amount in my account with Insight Securities (Pvt.) Ltd?

You may send your cheque in favor of “Insight Securities (Pvt.) Ltd” by mail or drop it personally at office

Can I open an account with shares/securities?

Yes you can open your account with Physical shares and you can also transfer your shares from CDC Investor account or from your account with any other broker as well.

How can I close my Insight Securities (Pvt.) Ltd account?

You will need to write a letter addressed to Insight Securities (Pvt.) Ltd requesting the closure of your account. If you have any debit balance you will be required to clear it first. The Account Closing Request must have to be submitted at our office or can be sent through courier.