Insight Trade offers account opening for the Government of Pakistan’s digital initiative “Roshan Digital Account” to facilitate Non-Resident Pakistanis to open bank accounts digitally/online, residing across the world. Digital Account holders can now invest in Pakistan Stock Market through Central Depositary Company (CDC).

Insight Securities (Private) Limited welcomes the Non-Resident Pakistanis to invest in the Pakistan Stock Exchange through CDC and the Roshan Digital Pakistan initiative.

Insight Securities (Private) Limited, TREC Holder of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), is electronically linked up with the CDC Investor Account and its Direct Settlement Service (DSS) with its Digital Trading Solution and is integrated with all the Banks offering the Roshan Digital Account.

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Account Opening Process

  • Select your brokerage firm (Provide list of available brokers as given below through clickable website link to explore)
  • Accept the Terms and conditions mentioned. (This will enable the bank to share your information with the selected broker and capital market entities to open your Roshan Equity Investment account & CDC depository account).
  • Add funds into your Roshan Equity Investment account. (This will transfer funds from your RDA Bank Account into your Roshan Equity Investment account and enable you to invest i.e. buy and sell stocks).

WhatsApp number: +92-320-8220202

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most frequent questions and answers

Roshan Digital Account provides an opportunity for Non-Resident / Overseas Pakistanis to remotely open a bank account with SBP designated Pakistani banks through an entirely digital and online process. This account will enable them to avail banking services like funds transfer, remittances, bills & fee payments, and invest in various instruments including stocks / shares

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is the central bank of the country. SBP has introduced the concept of Roshan Digital Account for Non-Resident Pakistanis, enabling them to avail banking services like payments and remittances and invest money in a variety of instruments including shares/stocks. For more information, please visit

Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is the apex regulator of Pakistan Capital Market. To learn more about SECP, please visit

Central Depository Company (CDC) is the sole shares depository and the custodian of investor assets in the Pakistan Stock Market. CDC is the only entity handling the electronic (paperless) settlement of shares transactions carried out at the Pakistan Stock Exchange. CDC serves as the information hub between banks and stock market for Roshan Digital Account holders. For those who are interested to invest in stock market through RDA, CDC will open a Custody Account for them.

Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited (PSX) is the country’s only stock exchange where trading of shares takes place. It is a marketplace where investors can buy and sell shares of listed companies and other securities through securities brokers, also called Trading Right Entitlement Certificate (TREC) holders. PSX has been rated among the world’s best performing stock market for the past many years. To learn about PSX, please visit

National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL) is the clearing and settlement provider of the Pakistan Stock Market. It will generate your Unique Identification Number (UIN). For more details, please visit

A Roshan Equity Investment account is opened on behalf of the investor with a securities broker and is used for trading in shares.

Only the following can open Roshan Digital Account:

  • A Non-Resident Individual Pakistani (NRIP)
  • A Non-Resident POC Card holder
  • Employees or officials of the Federal or Provincial Governments posted abroad in the tax year

Scanned copies of at least the following documents are required to open Roshan Digital Account:

  • Passport (Pakistani and/or foreign country)
  • Proof of Non-Resident status
  • Proof of Profession and Source of Income/Funds
  • For salaried individuals: Job Certificate / Salary Slips
  • For business persons: Tax Return / Rent Agreement / any other Proof of Income
  • Live Photo/Digital Photo

To view the list of banks that are offering the option to invest in Pakistan Capital Market through Roshan Digital Account, please click on the following link:

To view the list of brokers that are integrated with CDC and offering Roshan Digital Account, please click on the following link:

First, you have to select “Roshan Equity Investment” on your bank’s portal / website / app. With the following three further steps, you can start investing in Pakistan Stock Market through Roshan Digital Account:

Click on the ‘Consent’ tab to share Roshan Digital Account details with Central Depository Company (CDC) and other capital market entities.
Click ‘I Agree’ to Terms and Conditions for Investing in Pakistan Capital Market and Selection of the Broker.

You will receive an ‘Acknowledgement Email’ from CDC as soon the consent and information from your bank is received. In 24 hours of receiving the acknowledgement mail from CDC and if the Information/ credentials were found complete and correct, you will receive an Account Opening Package email from CDC, comprising of the following actions and details:

  • Opening of your Roshan Equity Investment account with your selected broker.
  • Creation and Registration of your Unique Identification Number (UIN).
  • Opening of your Custody Account (CDC Account).
  • Activation of Direct Settlement Service (DSS) in your Investor Account (if you have opted for the same).
  • Creation of your CDC Web Access Login ID and Password.

In case you do not receive an Account Opening Package email from CDC, you will receive either of the two responses from CDC:

  • Discrepancy found in your provided information / documents, asking you to provide the same in correct form or provision of some additional information.
  • “No Response”



    status from your selected broker, seeking your advice on further action.

Account opening and trading eligibility is dependent on activities of NCCPL and the selected broker, due to which, certain delays maybe experienced in the overall processing. In case you do not receive any of the above responses from CDC, you can email us at [email protected] or call us at + (9221) 32462541-44 to inquire about the status of your account opening.
RDA equity investment account will be opened within 24 working hours with Insight Securities (Private) Limited provided all the information is correct and there is no discrepancy attached to it.

You may transfer funds to your CDC account opened through RDA by logging into the web portal of your selected bank and transfer the desired amount to the designated bank account of CDC through the provided CDC Funds Transfer option in your bank account portal.

Minimum funds transfer of PKR10,000 is required so that PKR 5000 is shown in your trading portal and the remaining amount is kept as security deposit by CDC on initial funds transfer.

Rs. 5,000 is held from your initial deposit in lieu of recurring charges related to your account, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Custody Charges
  • Transaction Fee
  • Broker Commission
  • Annual Charges

details on charges refer

“Schedule of Fees for IAS”



Yes, the amount kept as security deposit by CDC is refundable when you decide to close your Roshan Equity Investment Account.

As soon as the transaction is made through RDA bank account, it takes two working hours for funds to be credited into your CDC Investor account and the same also gets reflected into your shares trading account. After the amount is reflected into your trading account, you may proceed with execution of your orders.

  1. You may only transfer funds from the very same RDA bank account through which you have opened your shares CDC Investor account.

At T+2 (2 business days after Trade Day), CDC will transfer the shares out of your CDC Account and will receive cash on your behalf, which will be readily available for any funds withdrawal.)

With Shariah Compliant Trading the person is allowed to only trade in all KMI index. Similarly, day trading facility is not available in Shariah Compliant Trading. Also, trading of Right shares is restricted in Shariah Account.

If you have RDA conventional account, you can sell shares on the same day on which purchases were made. However, for Shariah account holders sale of shares is only allowed on shares settlement date.

Your shares will be reflected in your Insight Securities (Private) Limited trading portal as soon as the shares are traded. You will also receive a trade memo of confirmation via email at the end of the market from us.

There are no deductions on order rejection or cancellation.

All of the outstanding orders are cancelled automatically from the market if not executed on the very same day.

In order to change your account status from shariah to non shariah you need to close your account through CDC and open another account through conventional bank account repeat the whole process which you initially did for opening of RDA account and then your conventional RDA account will be opened.

: Before closure of your RDA Shariah Account, you need to settle all of your trades. Transfer of securities and funds is not allowed from one RDA account to another.

No, transfer of securities is not allowed from another IAS or Sub-Account to RDA Account opened with CDC.

No, you cannot transfer your physical shares into your Roshan Digital Equity Investment Account.

No, gift transactions are not allowed in RDA account opened with CDC.

For each equity trade, settlement of shares is done solely by CDC, therefore all the purchased securities are credited into CDC Investor Account. In this regard, all the purchase entries are forwarded to CDC at the end of the day and no portfolio lies with Insight Securities.

With regards to your statements, brokerage house can provide you with your account statement and periodic trade detail, which will give you the details regarding the trades placed by you.

Overseas Pakistani’s cannot operate multiple RDA and also one RDA can maintain one broker for Roshan Equity Investment Account.

You just need to send an email or call us at our designated email address or contact number and the trader will be assigned to your account.

For RDA account holders there is no such restriction to maintain any cash balance in their account.

Insight Securities (Private) Limited provides you with trading platform in order you to trade in PSX. Without this facility, you are unable to trade in stocks.

Insight Securities (Private) Limited charges minimum commission as notified by PSX. The charges of taxes and commission will be shared with you once you open your trading account with us. All the charges are communicated with the client as soon as the account is opened and there are no hidden charges associated with the account of the shareholder. Also, CDC will pay your broker’s commission from the cash transferred by you from your Roshan Digital Account to CDC bank account.

NCCPL charges are applicable on the clearing of trades and will be deducted by CDC, details which will be provided to you. For schedule of NCCPL’s fee and charges, please refer to

As per current tax laws, the Capital Gain Tax (CGT) is 15%. The Capital Gain Amount of 15% on the gain is withheld until National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL) updates the exact CGT amount of client. Excess amount kept on hold is released on the basis of CGT computation provided by NCCPL.

Right shares are issued by the company in case they require capital for acquiring some plant or machinery, working capital needs, etc. These shares are automatically credited to the shareholder’s account if the shareholder has bought company’s shares before the ex-date of these shares. There is a specific time attached to these letter of right (LOR) shares in which you can trade it, otherwise you may also subscribe it. RDA conventional account holders can also trade in these LOR.

RDA account holders cannot trade in future market.

Dividends are credited into shareholder’s Roshan Digital Account directly by the company. Insight Securities (Private) Limited is not responsible for shareholder’s dividends also Insight Securities (Private) Limited cannot check the status of your dividends.

Your bonus shares will be reflected in your CDC Account directly by the company as soon as it is credited into your account.

In order to trade in GEM shares the shareholder should have PKR 5 million worth of securities available in their respective CDC account.

If you have bought GEM shares Insight Securities (Private) Limited will provide you a self-declaration form which will then give you a single time approval for sale transaction of your GEM shares.

Yes, you can nominate next of kin by providing the request from your registered email address, along with the valid copy of CNIC/NICOP specifying the relation. You can keep only your immediate blood relations as nominee which includes your Brother, Sister, Spouse, Mother, Father, Son and Daughter.

Yes you can participate in any IPO or Book Building through your CDC IAS account opened through RDA but there are certain procedures and stipulated dates for each case, which needs to be followed. You may view all such relevant details at or you can reach out to us at XXXXXXX with any specific questions

RDA account holders cannot trade in Commodities and Other Currencies.

You can check your status of filer or non-filer by visiting FBR website, if you are appearing in active tax payer list, your income tax will be deducted accordingly.

CDC web access facility is provided for the shareholders to view their sub account holdings/dividend details etc, to access this facility the shareholder may click on the link

In order to authenticate each trade and transaction executed in the stock market, NCCPL registers investors by assigning a Unique Identification Number (UIN). Registered UINs are provided to the stock exchange by NCCPL and it is mandatory for brokers to enter UIN while trading.

A Custody Account is a shares custody account opened with CDC

Direct Settlement Service (DSS) is a web-based service through which IAS Account Holders can settle their trades executed at Stock Exchange directly through their respective IAS Account. Investors have to contact the broker only for the execution of trades. Further details about Direct Settlement Service are available on the following link:

In order to make changes in your account, you need to contact CDC, as soon as CDC makes the desired changes to your account; you will forward the same email to Insight Securities (Private) Limited so that the same is done in our records as well.

Yes, you can change your broker through CDC Web Access, you may click on the link for further assistance in the matter.

Since returning to Pakistan will result in change of your Residential Status from Non-Residential to Residential, you would be required to open a new CDS account CDC-IAS or Broker on the basis of your CNIC.

Subsequently, you will have to submit a written request (in original) to CDC for transfer of securities from your Roshan Digital CDC account to newly opened CDS account duly signed as per CNIC along with the copy of CNIC and cancellation of NICOP/POC. Lastly, proof of cancellation of employment/visa will be required.

For closing an account, you need to send account closing request from your registered e-mail address mentioning your CDC Account Number to [email protected]. Before sending the account closure request, you would need to ensure that all the securities in the account are disposed-off prior to initiating account closure request, and there are no pending corporate actions in the account.